Gaza: 20 Palestinian people including 3 children killed by IDF

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Gaza: 20 Palestinian people including 3 children killed by IDF

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At least twenty Palestinian people were killed on Sunday by Israeli shelling in a Gaza neighbourhood.

Video obtained by Reuters was described as showing more than a dozen mangled corpses, including three children, lying in the rubble-filled streets.

Sunday is day thirteen of Operation Protective Edge and day four of Israel’s ground attack in Gaza.

Cries from panicked people desperately trying to find their loved ones filled the air outside Gaza’s Shifa hospital, while inside bodies and wounded were reportedly lying on blood-stained floors.

According to Palestinian health officials, 353 Palestinians have been killed and 2,700 wounded in Israeli air and artillery strikes in the last two weeks.

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF)mission to destroy missile stockpiles and tunnels is to prevent the movement of Palestinian militants and their ability to conduct cross-border raids.

The Israeli military said two IDF soldiers were killed and four others wounded by Hamas militants who reached Israel, reportedly through a concealed tunnel.

IDF ground forces went into the Gaza Strip on Thursday after ten days of air, naval and artillery strikes failed to stop rocket fire into Israel from the territory.