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Dutch fury as questions about plane tragedy go unanswered


Dutch fury as questions about plane tragedy go unanswered

Most of the people who died in Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 17, which took off from the Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands, were Dutch.

People at the Amsterdam airport are furious over reports that victims’ bodies have been manhandled, and that evidence has not been properly preserved at the crash site.

There are many unanswered questions about what happened.

A pilot at the airport commented: “It’s not the first time we’ve flown over troubled areas, and you always assume that everything is safe, but apparently it is not, so this is another reason to be wondering what happened here.”

One airport customer said: “I think the Dutch politicians have made an appropriate reaction so far by being a bit ‘held-back’ because they don’t know either what happened and I think it’s better to take an objective stance.”

The Dutch Foreign Minister said that the Netherlands would not rest until those responsible, and those that supported them, were brought to justice.