Series of pro-Palestinian protests held in European cities

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Series of pro-Palestinian protests held in European cities

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Several pro-Palestinian demonstrations have been held in European cities, in protest against Israel’s military actions in Gaza.

Protesters clashed with police in Paris, where an estimated 3,000 people took part in an unauthorised rally. Some threw bottles and stones at riot police, who responded with tear gas.

The Paris event took place in defiance of the French authorities, who had banned it following a protest last Sunday that turned violent.

In London, up to 15,000 demonstrators took part in a march from Downing Street to the Israeli embassy.

In Brussels, some 2,000 people also took to the streets in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza. The demonstration there was not authorised but the police did not try to prevent it and no violence was reported.

Outside the United Nations (UN) building in Geneva, crowds gathered calling for the international community to do more to help stop the violence in Gaza.

One protester outside the building told reporters: “We’re fed up with the UN talking but not doing anything! The whole world needs to rise up and say we’ve had enough of seeing people die!”

Israel says that the ground offensive in Gaza is necessary to target a network of tunnels, which it says are being used by Hamas militants to launch attacks.