Mexican police rescue 458 children from a rat infested refuge

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Mexican police rescue 458 children from a rat infested refuge

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Shock and disbelief have been reactions in Mexico to the revelations that over 450 children have been discovered living in a vermin infested refuge.

Police and army troops raided a home known as “La Gran Familia” on Tuesday in the western city of Zamora after complaints from parents that the owner of the home refused to return their children.

The Attorney General’s office said a woman called Rosa Verduzco was being questioned by the authorities.

At a press conference Tomás Zerón de Lucio, chief of the Agency for Criminal Investigation gave more details:

“Babies that were born in the household were registered in the name of the founder, preventing the biological parents from being able to take any guardianship or make decisions about children, under the pretext that they (babies) would be allowed to go when they became of legal age.”

Police secured the area for the safety of the children when the numbers involved became clear.

It is alleged the youngsters had to beg on the streets for money, were given unsanitary food to eat and were forced to sleep on filthy floors. Some of them it’s believed were also sexually abused.

La Gran Familia was founded in 1947 and looks after children abandoned by troubled parents. According to its Facebook page it also provides schooling for the children.

Its funding comes from charitable donations as well as companies and the government. No one from the refuge has commented on the allegations.