Pudsey the dog does his own stunts in family film 'Pudsey: The Movie'

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Pudsey the dog does his own stunts in family film 'Pudsey: The Movie'

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After becoming a household name following TV talent show success in 2012, Pudsey the dog is now trying his luck on the big screen.

‘Pudsey the Movie’ follows the cheeky London stray dog as he meets siblings Molly, George and Tommy, and decides to move with them to the countryside.

Before shooting started, Pudsey had to learn a whole new language as his owner Ashleigh Butler explained.

“He had to learn a sign language in a way, just because when we’re in the middle of a scene I can’t shout out his different commands, basically. I had to do a lot of hiding under tables, behind doors and stuff like that. But yeah, there are some different tricks in there. He does his own stunts as well, so he liked that bit,” she said.

The movie features a whole host of animals, including horses and pigs.

“We filmed the whole thing with the animals, which is quite interesting, getting the animals talking to each other, or looking like they are talking to each other. All the animals on set were brilliant. I actually didn’t work with David (Walliams, Pudsey’s voice) at all. I did my bit, obviously in the film, and then he did his voice, so in the whole film I actually never saw David,” said Butler.

Described as "a resolutely old-fashioned family film that will appeal to youngsters who like their mutts cute, cuddly and frisky" , ‘Pudsey The Dog: The Movie’ is out this month in the UK.

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