'More rockets' fired at Israel after it accepts truce deal

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'More rockets' fired at Israel after it accepts truce deal

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Reports from Israel say Palestinian militants have continued to fire salvoes into Israeli territory today, after it accepted a truce deal.

Several rockets were intercepted over the Mediterranean port of Ashdod, according to Israeli media.

Earlier, the Israeli army said three rockets, launched from Gaza overnight, landed in the Red Sea resort of Eilat and the surrounding area. The attack reportedly caused a few light injuries.

Pictures from Israeli television show that the rockets appear to have caused extensive damage.

Eilat lies in the extreme south of Israel, close to the borders with Egypt and Jordan, more than 200 kilometres from Gaza.

Even though cross-border exchanges are reported to have become less intense, Israel is still said to have launched 25 new raids on Gaza overnight.

The military says it sought terrorist targets. The authorities in Gaza say a woman and an old man were killed.

Previously, Palestinian officials have accused Israel of striking at residential areas. Israel has replied that militants deliberately operate from civilian districts.