Cameron Diaz comedy 'Sex Tape' asks serious question about privacy

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Cameron Diaz comedy 'Sex Tape' asks serious question about privacy

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Following the box office hit ‘Bad Teacher’, Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel are teaming up again for this summer’s comedy ‘Sex Tape’.

It is the story of Jay and Annie whose sex life has waned after 10 years and two kids. To reignite the passion, the pair decide to make a sex tape of themselves. Unfortunately, the video gets digitally uploaded for all of their friends and family to see.

The cast hit the red carpet for the film’s premiere in Los Angeles, where Diaz talked about being reunited with Segel and director Jake Kasdan. “I knew we were going to have a great time doing it. I laughed so hard and the hardest thing to do was not to laugh and to get all the way through any given take,” said Diaz.

“I say anything goes within a loving, adult relationship. Just be prepared for the consequences. You know, the movie is really about a couple trying to reclaim the spark in their relationship. It has very little to do with the actual making of a sex tape as much as the couple expressing that they really want each other. Technology is the villain in this movie, not the sex tape,” said Diaz’ co-star Jason Segel.

While the film’s main purpose may be to entertain, it does tackle the serious question of what remains private in an increasingly public world.

The film has received mixed reviews with one critic describing it as "a movie that looks like they started throwing jokes (...) against a wall without bothering to see what would stick".

‘Sex Tape’ starring comedy duo Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel opens worldwide this summer.

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