UN calls for Israel-Gaza ceasefire as rocket fire intensifies and death toll rises

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UN calls for Israel-Gaza ceasefire as rocket fire intensifies and death toll rises

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A series of large explosions was detonated across Gaza on Sunday morning.

Drones and jets could be heard flying overhead as flash after flash lit up the sky.

According to local officials, some 156 Palestinians have been killed since July 8 when Israel launched ‘Operation Protective Edge’ – an offensive targeting strategic positions in Gaza with the aim of ending Palestinian rocket fire into its territory.

The United Nations Security Council has called for a ceasefire – a move Riyad H. Mansour, the Palestinian Ambassador to the UN, welcomed:

“If the Israel side is not going to listen to this position from the security council, and from all political groups, there will be more activities, including in the security council, including in the possibility of draft resolution,” he said.

In the West Bank town of Bethlehem, scores of Palestinian protesters clashed with Israeli soldiers on Saturday after Israel expanded its air assault against Hamas – the militant group controlling Gaza.

Israel is also said to be considering a possible ground offensive on the territory.

Meanwhile, sirens sounded across central Israel as missiles continued to be launched at the state. No Israelis have been killed in any rocket attacks.

The Israel Defence Force said their Iron Dome anti-missile system intercepted three out of ten rockets fired over Tel Aviv on Saturday.

Partially funded by the US, the Iron Dome has intercepted more than 130 incoming rockets, preventing any Israeli fatalities so far.