Brazil fans disappointed after Netherlands defeat

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Brazil fans disappointed after Netherlands defeat

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Brazil fans have been left disappointed yet again after watching their side lose 3-0 to the Netherlands in the World Cup third place play-off match.

They booed their team off the pitch and loudly greeted the Dutch players when they received their third-place medals.

Dutch fans said they were proud of how their team had delivered.

“Four years ago we were over in South Africa and we lost the final, this is one place below that but still it makes me more happy than that second place in South Africa,” said one fan.

Brazil fans paid tribute to the Netherlands performance.

“The feeling is of sadness, but I came because I think we have to support our country above all. I came here to root for them and hoped for victory. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen so I applauded those who really played the best,” one said.

After being beaten 7-1 by Germany in the semi-finals, Brazil fans are hoping Germany can dish out the same treatment to their old rivals Argentina in Sunday’s world cup final.

“Very sad, very sad. We had hoped that Brazil would add another star, one more. But it’s not a problem. We’re united, and we’re going to cheer for Germany. Germany, Germany,” cheered one Brazil fan.