Israel "determined" to see Gaza offensive through to the end

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Israel "determined" to see Gaza offensive through to the end

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Israeli troops were massed at the border with Gaza on Saturday, waiting to hear if they would be sent in for a full-scale ground invasion.

The Israeli military said it had targeted more than 200 sites in the Gaza Strip over the past 24 hours.

Despite international pressure to negotiate a ceasefire, Israeli government spokesperson Mark Regev said there were no plans to stop the offensive.

“Israel is determined to see this through. Our goal is to protect our people. Our goal is to end the rocket fire from Gaza on our civilians. Hamas must understand that it cannot continue to shoot rockets at Israel with impunity,” Regev said.

Israeli officials say more than 500 rockets have been fired at Israel by Hamas since Tuesday.

Damage was caused to a house in Ein Hashlosa in southern Israel when a rocket went through the roof. No-one was injured.

There have been a total of eight Israelis injured by rockets and none killed.

The rocket attacks that intensified last month after Israeli forces arrested hundreds of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank following the abduction of three Jewish teenagers who were later found murdered.