Israel preparing for 'all possibilities' in Gaza, says Netanyahu

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Israel preparing for 'all possibilities' in Gaza, says Netanyahu

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The fifth night of Israeli air strikes in Gaza brought the Palestinian death toll to over 100.

According to Palestinian medical sources, many of those killed were civilians.

Images released by the Israeli army purportedly show their military targeting Hamas’s weapons cache in the Gaza strip.

Israel has carried out more than 1,000 air strikes since Tuesday in the offensive it is dubbing “Operation Protective Edge”. Twenty thousand reservists have been called up in the event of an eventual ground assault.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he was ‘preparing for all possibilities’ as Hamas continues to fire rockets into the country. Some 550 projectiles have been launched since Tuesday.

Despite international pressure to call a ceasefire, Netanyahu said he was determined to continue with the offensive.

The UN Human rights chief said he has serious doubts as to Israel’s compliance with international law which bans targeting civilians.