UN chief calls for ceasefire as Gaza conflict continues

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UN chief calls for ceasefire as Gaza conflict continues

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Sirens rang out across Jerusalem on Thursday, signalling the arrival of rockets from Palestinian militants.

The ‘Iron Dome’ rocket defence system intercepted two, while others fell onto the open ground.

There are no reports of Israeli fatalities, but 80 Palestinians have died since Israel launched airstrikes against Gaza on Tuesday.

“Today, we face the risk of an all-out escalation in Israel and Gaza, with the threat of a ground offensive still palpable – and preventable – only if Hamas stops rocket firing…,” said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addressing the Security Council.“It is unacceptable for citizens on both sides to permanently live in fear of the next aerial attack,” he added.

He also said he regretted the loss of life, saying Palestinians were caught between Hamas’ irresponsibility and Israel’s tough response.

He called on both sides to call a ceasefire, saying that the Middle East could not afford another full-blown war.