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Ukraine: unrest in east sees work soar for armoured vehicle plant


Ukraine: unrest in east sees work soar for armoured vehicle plant

Manufacturing has had to move into top gear at a military vehicle plant in Ukraine.

Factory managers say the unrest in the east of the country has seen demand go into overdrive.

The plant also repairs vehicles, both on site – around 150km from Kyiv – and on the front line.

But, to avoid paying the Russians, it produces its own replacement parts for ex-Soviet military tanks.

Serhiy Butenko, director of the plant, said: “Due to a situation in the east, we will over fulfill our production plan by 200 percent. Last year we repaired only four tanks for the Ukrainian army, this year it should be 140.”

Volodymyr Staritsevich, from the Ukrainian army, said: “The actions in the east are very treacherous, separatists leave mines and bombs. So a lot of equipment is being destroyed. But we can deal with renovating vehicles, it is people we cannot bring back.”

Maria Korenyuk, euronews’ reporter in Ukraine, said: “The first lot of renovated armoured vehicles will be transferred to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry by the end of July. Later the vehicles will be used in eastern Ukraine, in an anti-terrorism operation.”


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