Top US spy 'told to leave' Berlin

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Top US spy 'told to leave' Berlin

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The plot thickens in the American spy story in Germany after Berlin expelled America’s top intelligence official from the capital.

It is a rare move between two Nato allies but comes in retaliation to two cases of suspected US espionage on German soil in the last week.

Both concern German government employees suspected of handing information to Washington.

Having remained silent until now, the German Chancellor made her feelings clear.

“From my point of view, spying on allies is a waste of energy,” she told the gathered press. “We have so many problems and I think we should focus on the important things… I am convinced that more confidence and trust can and does lead to better security. So we have to do everything possible so that those sharing common values, work together with trust.”

Relations between Washington and Berlin suffered a blow last year when news broke of mass surveillance by the NSA.

Adding to the intrigue are reports that the two spy suspects were passing information concerning the commission investigating the data snooping to the CIA.