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Keaton, Douglas in new Rob Reiner rom-com


Keaton, Douglas in new Rob Reiner rom-com

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Michael Douglas appears as a grumpy estate agent, Oren, in a new Rob Reiner directed comedy this summer, called And So It Goes. Diane Keaton is his co-star, their two characters, as in all romantic comedies, initially only finding difficulties and differences, though one wouldn’t want to bet against them getting together eventually, with Keaton saying the film shows that romance can come to anyone at any time in their lives. It’s the first time the stars, who are both Oscar winners
have appeared in the same film together. Douglas said he admired Keaton’s freedom, confidence and courage. “I read the script pretty carefully. My motivation has to be to make the movie work, my producing background, kind of like a much more narrow, channeled in and that’s why I adored working with Diane.”
For him, the comedy must have special poignancy because it’s the story of a grandfather whose granddaughter moves in after her dad is jailed for drug dealing; echoing the actor’s own, real-life, plight after his son Cameron, was jailed for drug offences in 2009.
But it’s comedy that audiences have come to expect from “When Harry met Sally” and “Spinal Tap” director Rob Reiner, who himself plays a major part as a suitor for Keaton`s hand.
This film reunites Reiner with Douglas, who starred in Reiner’s The American President, and goes on release worldwide over the summer, with Italy the first European country to see how it goes on July the tenth.

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