WHO : "We can beat this Ebola outbreak"

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WHO : "We can beat this Ebola outbreak"

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The World Health Organisation says the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is out of control, but can be tamed if five strategic policies are implemented in the region.

Speaking after an emergency conference of 11 regional health ministers in Accra decided on the five-point strategy, the WHO added a revised death toll, slightly raised, to over 450 deaths out of nearly 800 infections. It warned Mali, Ivory Coast, and Guinea Bissau to prepare for people affected with the disease arriving there.

“We’ve had outbreaks of Ebola before, we’ve been able to stop them, we know the way to do it. This is a bigger challenge than previously because it’s in three countries and it’s several small scattered outbreaks, but the principles are the same. We can stop the Ebola outbreak if we take the five important measures,” said the WHO’s Dan Epstein.

The steps are improved tracking and identification of the virus, cross-border co-operation, dialogue between local communities, co-operation between the WHO and its other partners, and a sub-regional checking centre to be set up in Guinea.