Eye catching Argentine artist drips paint through his tears

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Eye catching Argentine artist drips paint through his tears

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Argentine painter Leandro Granato has the eye of an artist.

He has developed a new and unusual artistic technique.

Granato takes the paint up his nose and then drips it through his tear ducts onto the canvas.

Just how did he discover this eye watering method?

Granato explained: “When my grandfather passed away I was in charge of arranging his funeral, but I couldn’t ever express my pain, I couldn’t cry. When I began to paint, after about two years of doing body painting, I thought to myself, why not paint through my tears? Then I began to do my own research on painting in this form and after about two years of perfecting this technique, I painted my first painting.”

The 28-year-old cranks up the emotion while at work by listening to Tango music.

He believes the method creates a perverse interest in his art: “My technique might draw a lot of attention but it also leaves an impression, a repulsion. It can create an interest or a negative emotions it can be repulsive to people. But this is great for any show, because it evokes some sort of emotion in the people.”

Granato has now opened a small studio outside Buenos Aires and is currently searching for galleries to show his pieces.

He says he will continue to work on his technique and develop his brand before the inspiration and the tears dry up.

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