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The Who hit the road to mark 50 years as a rock 'n' roll band

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The Who hit the road to mark 50 years as a rock 'n' roll band

The Who have announced a series of shows across the UK to celebrate 50 years as a rock ‘n’ roll band

The announcement was made at London’s famed Ronnie Scott’s venue.

Singer Roger Daltrey hinted that time was catching up with them: “Well, it just has to be really, we can’t go on touring forever, but we don’t know how long we will go on touring, it’s an open ended kind of thing. But it will have a finality to it, we’ll stop touring I’m sure before we stop playing as a band. It’s just like Eric Clapton’s just said, it’s the grind of the road, it’s incredibly tough on the body at this age.”

The tour begins in November and the band will introduce some new material as guitarist and songwriter Pete Townsend explains: “I gave Rodge, three demos of three rough songs that I knocked up. They came out of… I’ve been doing a lot of recording work, writing recently with a whole wide variety of people, quite a lot of collaborations.

‘I’ve done some TV music, I’ve collaborated with a few other writers. I’ve not done this very much in the past but, there’s a lot coming up at the moment. I came up with three songs, I thought I must send them to Rodge, just before we do this particular thing, happily he likes them.”

Townsend and Daltrey are the two surviving members of the band. Drummer Keith Moon overdosed in 1978 and bassist John Entwistle died of a cocaine related heart attack in 2002.

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