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How do they chose who plays Batman in the movies? 'He has to fit in the suit'


How do they chose who plays Batman in the movies? 'He has to fit in the suit'

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the comic book superhero, ‘Batman’ memorabilia from all seven films goes on display at the Warner Bros lot in Burbank, California.

The exhibit features a wide range of vehicles, props and costumes used throughout the film franchise’s history.

The opening was attended by actor, Danny DeVito, who played the villain, ‘The Penguin’ in the second Batman film, ‘Batman Returns’ in 1992.

Devito gave a -perhaps not very serious – insight into how the Caped Crusader is cast: “I mean you got to have a handsome guy play that part. I mean you can’t get Paul Giamatti to play Batman, I mean with all due respect, Paul is a really nice guy, a good actor, a great actor, but you need somebody like…who fits in the suit. The thing is, the suit is very, very difficult. That’s how they cast the part you know, they got the suits, because Warner Brothers is a little tight, they got all the suits made, so they find the actor that fits into the suit.”

Warner Bros got together with DC Entertainment for the exhibition.

The character first appeared in the comic Detective #27, which hit the streets on March 30, 1939 and has gone on to become one of the most recognisable comic creations ever.

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