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'Obvious Child' not an obvious choice for a rom-com


'Obvious Child' not an obvious choice for a rom-com

‘Obvious Child’ is a film which focuses on a stand-up comedienne, who uses her life experiences as the basis for her act .

She then has a one-night-stand, gets pregnant and decides to have an abortion — but cannot make up her mind on whether to stick with the man who got her pregnant.

Actress Jenny Slate takes up the story: “I think it’s exciting that comedians that I respect find the movie funny. That means a lot to me. It means a lot to be a strong member in my community — whether it’s a community of women, a community of humans, a community of comedians and actors. It’s important that the comedy was not just funny but unique.”

The movie was written and directed by Gillian Robespierre, who explained the inspiration: “Some people shared their abortion stories with me. And some people said that they were unable to tell their friend and they told me instead. And they felt that it changed their own narrative of their own story. It’s incredible. And we wanted to make it bigger because I think nobody really watches short film.”

‘Obvious Child’ is doing the rounds across Europe and the US.

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