Folk trio Nickel Creek sign on 'A Dotted Line'

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Folk trio Nickel Creek sign on 'A Dotted Line'

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Folk trio Nickel Creek are back after a seven year hiatus with a new offering called ‘A Dotted Line’.

Fiddler Sara Watkins, her brother Sean Watkins, who is the guitarist, and mandolin player Chris Thile released five albums from 1993 to 2005, and won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Folk Album with ‘This Side’ in 2003.

By 2007 they had had enough, but now they are back and so are the fans.

Sara Watkins said she is surprised and delighted they have not been forgotten: “It’s really easy to lose fans these days. It’s really easy for me to lose track of artists that I like, I don’t even mean to. Months go by and I just forget. So it was really humbling to realise, to see people kind of come out of the internet and express their excitement about it.”

They got back together to mark the 25th anniversary of their formation and recorded an EP, which soon expanded in to an album.

Sara Watkins is aware that things are different second time around: “We grew up together, spent so many of our fundamental years living in very close quarters and knowing all the ins and outs of each other’s lives. And then this big gap happened, when we all experienced all kinds of great, amazing new things. And then to come back it’s sort of this weird mixture of… we are evolved people from where we were, but at the same time the comfort and just the natural feel of it is a strange dichotomy.”

Nickel Creek are on tour in the US, their album ‘A Dotted Line’ is out now.

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