Referendum 'yes' boosts Hong Kong anniversary

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Referendum 'yes' boosts Hong Kong anniversary

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More than 10 percent of Hong Kong’s population of seven million people – around 800,000 people – have taken part in an unofficial referendum for more democracy.

It is the first free political initiative of this or any other kind since the People’s Republic was founded in 1949.

More than 90 percent of those who voted approved the proposition that the people choose the candidates in 2017’s Executive Council leadership contest , itself the first popular vote in the country’s postwar history.

Tuesday is the anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to Chinese rule from Britain in 1997, and the referendum’s supporters will be marching.

So too will supporters of the mainland Chinese regime. The authorities are bracing for what some believe could be the worst unrest in a decade. The city’s central business district is expecting lock-down if a projected half a million people gather.