North Korea set to try two American tourists

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North Korea set to try two American tourists

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North Korean’s official news agency said the country will put two American tourist on trial for committing crimes against the state. But it did not say when the hearing would take place.

Jeffrey Fowle, 53, a street repairs worker from Ohio, was arrested after entering North Korea in April.

The second man, 24-year-old Mathew Miller, was detained after ripping up his tourist visa and demanding asylum, according to state media.

A third American, Christian missionary Kenneth Bae, was accused of attempting to overthrow the government. He was convicted and sentenced to 15 years hard labour last year for committing unspecified crimes against the state.

Meanwhile, Pyongyang has fired two short-range ballistic missiles, defying a UN ban on such tests.

Some analysts say Pyongyang is sending mixed signals: the North offered on Monday to suspend military drills set to start on Friday, if the South calls off annual joint exercises with its ally, the United States.