Ukrainian peace broken amidst cross-border shelling

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Ukrainian peace broken amidst cross-border shelling

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A ceasefire called for by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has suffered a serious set back after an incident around the Russian border in the Rostov region

A Russian checkpoint is said to have been shelled from Ukrainian territory, three Ukrainian posts were also reportedly targeted, resulting in numerous injuries.

Kyiv has blamed pro-Russian rebels for the attacks, including an attempted incursion into a Ukrainian airbase in Donetsk

A Russian customs officer spoke of the attack on the Russian border post:

“Following the firing of automatic weapons, we started the evacuation. After that we heard the loud blasts and the whiz of fragments.’‘

On Friday Petro Poroshenko declared a brief seven day ceasefire to allow separatists to lay down their arms. But it has no backing from those fighting the Ukrainian army, with Moscow also dismissing the peace plan.

Russia has since mobilised over 65,000 troops for combat readiness, during apparent training exercises.

Amidst renewed hostilities the US has imposed fresh sanctions- this time targeting seven pro-Russian rebel leaders with asset freezes.