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Court condemns Muslim Brotherhood leader and Islamist followers to death


Court condemns Muslim Brotherhood leader and Islamist followers to death

In Egypt, a court has confirmed the death penalty against the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and more than a 180 Islamists.

The latest judgement follows an earlier, widely condemned trial, which saw some 680 defendants sentenced to death.

Mohammed Badie, leader of the banned Islamist group, was among those whose sentences were upheld.

The defendants were accused of being involved in the murder and attempted murder of policemen in Minya

Outside the court there were mixed emotions among relatives.
Many were overjoyed by the judges decision to drop charges against almost 500 defendants.

‘‘This is a just and fair decision. It’s the right decision. Long live al-Sisi,’‘ one man said.

But others condemned the ruling which remains one of the largest mass death sentences to be confirmed in Egypt’s recent memory.

“This decision is unfair. God knows that it is unfair,’‘ another man said.

Lawyers are expected to appeal the latest judgement. From outside the court in Minya euronews correspondent Mohammed Shaikhibrahim said: ‘‘Mixed feelings here among the families. Some obviously warmly welcomed the decision which found their relatives innocent. But the others, whose loved ones have been sentenced to death are distraught, claiming it is a political decision.’‘

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