Spain's King Felipe VI begins his new reign

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Spain's King Felipe VI begins his new reign

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Spain’s new king, Felipe VI, appeared on the balcony of Madrid’s royal palace on Thursday afternoon to wave to tens of thousands of flag-waving supporters.

He was accompanied by his wife Queen Letizia, his daughters 7-year-old Sofia and 8-year-old Leonor as well as his father Juan Carlos and mother Sofia.

The royal family waved and smiled and the king kissed his wife and daughter next to him which drew more applause and cheering from the crowds.

The cheering crowds may give the Spanish monarchy hope it can regain its popularity after a string of scandals.

Earlier Felipe was officially sworn in at a ceremony in front of parliament. The 46-year-old pledged to unify the country and work with its political leaders.

He told parliament: “there is room for everyone in this diverse but united country, which is based on the equality of the Spanish people, the solidarity between its regions, and on respect for the law.

“Nothing would honor me more than to work hard every day to make the Spanish people proud of their new king.”

The 46-year-old then thanked parliament in Spanish and the three regional languages: Catalan, Basque and Galician.