Two Russian journalists killed during shelling in Ukraine

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Two Russian journalists killed during shelling in Ukraine

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Two Russian journalists have been killed covering fighting near Luhansk, eastern Ukraine, according to local media reports.

Igor Kornelyuk, a reporter from TV channel Rossiya 24, died in hospital after allegedly being hit by a Ukrainian military shell.

His colleague, sound engineer Anton Voloshin, was also caught in the attack, dying at the scene.

Cameraman Viktor Denisov is the only surviving member of their team- he filmed the incident as it unfolded.

Later speaking to LifeNews Denisov said:

“I must say I was really lucky, I’d walked toward our cars, about 100 meters away and that’s when the shelling started. My colleagues were supposed to have been out of the range of fire, but for some reason one of the shells flew straight into them.”

Russia’s foreign ministry has strongly condemned events, calling on Kyiv to investigate the tragic loss of life.

Igor Kornelyuk is survived by his wife and 7-year-old daughter