'Walking on sunshine': a sunny, summer musical

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'Walking on sunshine': a sunny, summer musical

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‘Walking on Sunshine’ is a new musical made in the UK about two sisters who fall for the same man on a holiday abroad.

Hannah Arterton and Annabel Scholey star as sisters Taylor and Maddie. It is also British X-Factor winner Leona Lewis' big screen debut.

Lewis, who plays Taylor’s friend Elena, hit the pink carpet in London’s Leicester Square for the film’s premiere: “It felt really natural for me to do something like this, not too far away from what I’m used to but enough of something different that it made me really excited,” she said.

Lewis brings true charm to the role and gets to show off her great voice in a rendition of the film’s title song.

Italian actor Giulio Berruti plays the sister’s love interest, Raf: “Well, ‘Walking on Sunshine’ is one of my favourite songs cause I just grew up with that and it’s just so energetic, so positive, it’s just amazing,” said the actor at the London premiere.

While the movie will inevitably remind viewers of another musical set in sunny climes, ‘Mamma Mia’, most critics agree it doesn’t pretend to be anything else than "a gloriously frothy summer delight, with an "old-fashioned cheerfulness and warm-hearted glee".

‘Walking on Sunshine’ is on release across Europe this month.

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