UN condemns Sunni insurgency in Iraq as a threat to democracy

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UN condemns Sunni insurgency in Iraq as a threat to democracy

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The United Nations has condemned the violence in northern Iraq by what it described as a terrorist organisation.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon said terrorism must not be allowed to undermine democracy.

1.13 Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations

“ I’m urging that the whole international community must be united. We have show strong international commitment of solidarity to all these terrorists.”

The White House revealed that the US has been sending military equipment and ramped up training to the Iraqi security forces since the beginning of the year and that this would continue.

US Department of State Spokesperson Jen Psaki added:

“The situation is certainly very grave on the ground. We are working with Iraqi leaders across the country to support a coordinated response. You can expect that we will provide additional assistance to the Iraqi government to combat the threat from ISIL

But it may well be specific help Baghdad is after. Unconfirmed reports say Iraq’s prime minister has asked in the past for President Obama’s administration to consider carrying out airstrikes against Sunni insurgents.