Greek media workers hold protest rally to mark ERT closure anniversary

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Greek media workers hold protest rally to mark ERT closure anniversary

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One year on from when the Greek government suddenly shut down state broadcaster ERT, former employees have held a protest rally.

Hundreds gathered outside their old work place which now houses NERIT, which is short for New Greek Radio, Internet and Television. service.

Many journalists are still bitter and jobless.

“What still remains one year after the closure of ERT, is the demand not only from us former workers, but also from the people, for free and factual news broadcasting,” said journalist Marina Demertzian.

From a small office nearby some journalists are still broadcasting their own self-run service called ERT OPEN.
It is only available on the internet but they see it as an act of defiance.

Former director of technical services for ERT, Nikos Michalitsis spoke to our reporter:

“We feel proud because we decided to fight against the coup that took place on June 11. One year after, we are still here and are continuing. Moreover, we believe we have shown there is another way.”

Opposition politicians including Syriza’s Alexis Tsipras see the shut down of ERT as an attack on democracy by the government which was nearly brought down by the affair. Tsipras has promised to reopen it should he get into power.

Reporting for euronews Nikoleta Drougka said:
“The former ERT building is now where NERIT is based. But the self-run ERT OPEN is also broadcasting. This division of the workers is perhaps one of the gravest consequences of ERT’s sudden closure.”