Brazil puts on its party smile for the World Cup kick off

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Brazil puts on its party smile for the World Cup kick off

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It’s nearly time, the start of Brazil’s World Cup is almost upon us and football fans have descended on Sao Paulo where the first game of the tournament is being held.

For a football obsessed nation the competition has returned to its spiritual home – which is a good opportunity for those selling essential items every spectator needs – and if that spiritual home is also good at putting on a party, well visitors and locals alike are going to be pleased.

“I’m already in the rhythm…. to the point of yelling Brazil will be the champions,” said one confident fan.

“For the first game we feel the normal anxiety. But Brazil is going to win – easy by 2-0 with gaols from Neymar and Paulinho,” said another.

“Friendly atmosphere, awesome party. It’s good to be here. I haven’t seen anything to alarm me or protests or anything like that,” said one visitor all the way from Australia.

Although the run up to the tournament has been fraught with problems as far as the fans are concerned the only worries are how their teams will perform.

Reporter Rita Dantas Ferreirain is in Sau Paulo:

“After protests and World Cup spending critics, the atmosphere is finally like a party. Green and Yellow colours are all over the streets on the windows, on clothing, everywhere . This is the kick off for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil.”