Marine Le Pen criticises own father over anti-Semitic jibe

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Marine Le Pen criticises own father over anti-Semitic jibe

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It is publicity the leader of France’s far-right Front National party could do without, Marine Le Pen has been forced to criticise her own father for making a seemingly anti-Semitic remark.

Jean-Marie Le Pen who is the party’s former head has embarrassed his daughter on a video posted on the FN’s website.

In it he insults celebrities for criticising the party’s recent European election success and when a journalist mentions a popular French Jewish singer he attempts a mocking jibe saying, “We will organise an oven for him next time”.

The singer cum actor Patrick Bruel has responded with a tweet saying this is the real face of the Front National.

Marine Le Pen who took over the party from her father in 2011 has made the Front National more acceptable to voters by playing down hardline traditions and condemning any anti-Semitic stance.

Both Le Pens claim the remark has been misinterpreted but the daughter said her father should have known better.