Malaysia airlines crash families appeal to public for funds

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Malaysia airlines crash families appeal to public for funds

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Three months now the search has been on for Malaysia Airlines flight 370, and for the grieving, anxious families there is still no conclusion, no certainty about their loved ones’ fate.

In a bid to fill the vacuum and re-energize the search, five families have decided to launch a crowdfunding drive on Indygogo in a bid to raise a nearly two million-euro reward from the public for critical information.

“We’ve been cut off so many times at the gate that we’re just now having to take things into our own hands, think outside the box and just try and do something to find this plane,” said Danica Weeks, who lost her husband in the crash.

The families come from France, Australia, India, the US, and New Zealand. Most of the 239 passengers and crew on board were Chinese.

Many of the victims’ relatives have complained that the authorities involved have not been informing them of developments, and the five crowdfunding families intend to raise another near-two million euros for a private investigation.