Putin under pressure over Ukraine in Paris, Berlin and Brussels

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Putin under pressure over Ukraine in Paris, Berlin and Brussels

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The crisis in Ukraine was high on the international agenda on Thursday.

British Prime Minster David Cameron holding talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Paris said he gave Putin a “very clear and firm set of messages.”

“The status quo, the situation today is not acceptable and it needs to change. We need the Russians to properly recognise and meet with this new President, we need de-escalation, stop arms and people crossing the border, we need action on these fronts,“Cameron said.

Meanwhile German chancellor Angela Merkel and the Ukrainian President-elect Petro Poroshenko met together in Berlin.

Merkel confirmed that Ukraine’s territorial integrity must be protected and Poroshenko thanked Germany and the EU for its support during the crisis with Russia.

The meeting came ahead of Poroshenko’s inauguration on June 7.

“The opportunities which are going to be opened after the inauguration of the new Ukrainian president and the opportunities of perception of the new peace programme in the Ukrainian East have to be used fully,” Poroshenko told a press conference.

At the G7 meeting in Brussels, leaders said they were ready to impose further sanctions on Russia over Ukraine.

Russia was excluded for the first time in 16 years turning what was supposed to be the G8 into the G7.