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Carlos Vives to sing World Cup anthem

Carlos Vives to sing World Cup anthem

Carlos Vives has been chosen to perform the Spanish version of the official song for the World Cup. He said: “With this song ‘La Copa de Todos’ I believe – maybe it sounds a bit arrogant but – among the different versions which have been made, mine is the one which really represents this feeling, the feeling of a man shouting for a goal!”

Carlos Vives – who splits his time between Miami and Bogotà – has rediscovered many traditional Columbian folk songs and mixed them with pop and rock, but where does he find his inspiration?

He explained that although it might sound strange, when he started making music he looked at Vallenato and also rock and hip-hop. “And I thought, ‘How can I form a rock band? What can I call it?’ Then I decided: Carlos Vives and la Provincia. The province because I have discovered that many well-known musicians and also professional people like doctors, people who came to my city Santa Marta, they all came from the province. Many of the best artists I saw, many of the best singers came from villages in of the province.”

Apart from being a successful musician, Carlos Vives is also an ambassador for Unicef, and has been awarded the Ordre des Lettres by France. So what is his secret?

“Always keep working. I was unemployed for eight long years but I believe that the trick is not to lose faith. Even if life had taken me down another path I think I would have had to fight in order to achieve results but I would have been thankful to life in the same way. I would have had to work as hard as I have done.”

Today Carlos Vives’s hard work has paid off. He is one of the most successful, well-known and respected Colombians in the world.

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