G7 warns Russia it will step up sanctions over Ukraine

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G7 warns Russia it will step up sanctions over Ukraine

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The G7 summit has delivered Russia an ultimatum – stabilise east Ukraine or suffer more sanctions.

The leaders of the world’s top industrialised nations are being hosted in Brussels without a suspended President Vladimir Putin.

Russia must withdraw its forces from Ukraine’s border and stop its alleged supply of weapons and extra combatants to separatists..

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was blunt::

“If we do not have progress on the questions we have to solve there is the possibility of sanctions, also of the so-called phase three sanctions on the table, because we cannot afford a further destabilisation in Ukraine.”

Day two of the summit may focus on trade, and energy security – the latter again involves Russia because Europe relies on it for around a third of its oil and gas.

Reporting from Brussels for euronews, James Franey said:

“German Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters that “further destablisation” in Ukraine could lead to further sanctions. But the problem is that Europe’s red lines have been crossed before, both in Crimea and the east of the country. It may lead some to wonder whether the West is beginning to run out of red paint.”