Swiss Red Cross worker killed in Libya

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Swiss Red Cross worker killed in Libya

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There have been a series of attacks across Libya on Wednesday.

In the coastal city of Sirte, a Swiss national working for the Red Cross was killed when his vehicle was attacked by gunmen as he left a meeting. Forty-two-year-old Michael Greub headed the agency’s office in Misrata. The ICRC said his attackers shot at “point-blank” range.

Wolde-Gabriel Saugeron from the International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) explained that Red Cross vehicles were no longer marked so it was hard to know if he had been deliberately targeted.

“They were in a car that was not marked by the emblem of the Red Cross,” Saugeron said, “the decision was taken not to use the emblem because there was a problem of misperception of the emblem of the Red Cross by some segments of the society in Libya.”

in Benghazi, suicide bombers targeted the home of a Libyan general who has been waging a campaign against government-funded Islamists.

General Khalifa Haftar survived but four of his guards were killed and more than 20 people wounded.

Haftar was army chief of staff under Gaddafi and accuses the government of sponsoring terrorism, which the authorities deny.

In the capital Tripoli, the headquarters of the prime minister were hit by a rocket-propelled grenade. No-one was injured and only minor damage was caused.

Three years after the fall of Gaddafi, the country continues to descend into anarchy with the government unable to control the militias that have taken power.