Ukraine: border back-up call as attack launched in Sloviansk

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Ukraine: border back-up call as attack launched in Sloviansk

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The head of the Ukrainian border service, Mykola Lytvyn, has called for more protection at the country’s eastern frontier following an attack on Monday by pro-Russian militants.

Ukrainian media has been reporting the border guards are completely surrounded near the city of Luhansk, however they have received help from the air.

At the regional hospital, doctors said dozens of soldiers, militants and civilians are being treated following the fighting.

In Sloviansk, Ukrainian troops have launched an offensive on pro-Russian insurgents in the city according to the country’s interior minister, Arsen Avakov.

Civilians have been seeking refuge in makeshift underground shelters.

“We want peace,” explained one Sloviansk resident. “We don’t want war. We beg you, help us. Please help us. Save the people of Donbas.”

Pro-Russian separatists have blamed the Ukrainian military for an explosion inside Luhansk’s Regional Administration building that killed eight people.

Kyiv has claimed it was caused by militants attempting to launch an attack on a Ukrainian plane.