Spain prepares for a 'new era' of monarchy after King Juan Carlos abdicates

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Spain prepares for a 'new era' of monarchy after King Juan Carlos abdicates

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Spain could have a new monarch within two weeks. After Monday’s surprise announcement by King Juan Carlos to abdicate, parliament is expected to have passed a law facilitating a handover to his successor by June 16.

Opinion polls in Spain indicate that over 60 percent of Spaniards are in favour of the king stepping down.

His heir as he said in his televised address is his son Felipe. He is currently the most popular member of the royal family.

Some believe the government may have already prepared th e ground for legislation which according to constitutional experts is required:

Professor of Constitutional Law , Luis Aguiar de Luque:

“A new law must be introduced, because during all these years – maybe due to a certain lack of foresight – it has never been done. But it’s true that normally the succession comes through natural causes and not through the desire of the existing monarch to abdicate. So, the Government will have to make this law and then pass it through the two chambers of the Parliament, the Congress of the Deputies and the Senate.”

Forty-five-year-old Crown Prince Felipe will take up the royal baton. He represents the “new era” Juan Carlos said it was time for in his address and it’s a job his son has been groomed for over the last few decades.