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Clive Owen on being a hot teacher and a genius druggie doctor


Clive Owen on being a hot teacher and a genius druggie doctor

Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche star in a new rom-com ‘Words and Pictures’ set in a school.

Explaining the plot, Owen said: “My character came in as this sort of hot inspirational teacher. He was a very successful writer, but time has gone on and he is now kind of stuck in a bit of a rut. Things aren’t going great. He is struggling with some personal issues and then along to the school comes Juliette Binoche’s character. She is now a teacher and she basically says language is nothing. It’s all about art and that really annoys me because my passion is always been language, and she kind of reawakens me.”

Clive Owen started his career in the TV series ‘Chancer’ before moving into films. But his legion of fans are eagerly awaiting another television series, ‘The Knick’ directed by Steven Soderbergh to be broadcast later this year. It is set in the world of medicine in 1900 in New York.

Clive Owen is enthusiastic about the project: “It’s a hugely exciting project that will come out later this year. It’s a big sort of sprawling look at New York at that time, and particularly the world of medicine all seen through the eyes of this big hospital. And I play a genius doctor, struggling with drug addiction.”

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