Over a quarter of the world obese or overweight- new study finds

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Over a quarter of the world obese or overweight- new study finds

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New research has shed worrying light on the scope of global obesity.

Almost 30 percent of the world’s population are thought to be obese or overweight- that’s a staggering 2.1 billion people.

The UK has been singled out as one of the worst offenders in Europe, particularly among men.

Mike Kelly, of the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE), summarised the extent of the problem:

“Many of the gains that we’ve made by having a population who smoke in much lower numbers than was the case forty or fifty years ago. Many of those benefits particularly with respect to heart disease have been lost by the additional risks that come as a consequence of being overweight and obesity.”

Once a condition coupled with rich nations, obesity has ballooned across gender, income and regional divides.

According to the study, drawing on over 30 years of statistics, the fastest growing numbers have been seen in countries such as Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

But nations like the US and Mexico continue to record the highest rates. The US alone is thought to account for around 13 percent of the worlds obese population.