Xavier Dolan's film 'Mommy' hailed at Cannes Film Festival

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Xavier Dolan's film 'Mommy' hailed at Cannes Film Festival

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At the premiere of director Xavier Dolan’s latest movie ‘Mommy’ the audience broke into spontaneous applause. The 25-year-old was honoured with the Jury Prize, considered the third most prestigious of the awards at the annual Cannes Film Festival behind the Palme D’Or and Grand Prix.

The prize was shared with 83-year-old director Jean-Luc Godard and his film ‘Goodbye To Language’.

“Evidently it seems to be a ‘statement’ and the award is interesting to connect two filmmakers, one at his peak and the other at the dawn of his career. I have great respect for Jean-Luc Goddard. He wasn’t here tonight but I am moved to share the award with him, it’s a good idea, a nice prize,” Xavier Dolan told euronews.

‘Mommy’ is a black comedy about a mother and son relationship. Steve is a teenager with attention deficit disorder – ADHD – and no institution wants him. Steve and his extraordinary ‘Mommy’ settle in middle class suburbia and get to know their neighbour Kyla, who is fascinated by their relationship. It is a film which portrays a deep love.

“We made the film like any artist who paints to express himself and hopes his work can be loved and understood. As filmmakers we are doing the same thing, we make movies to be understood, to love people and for that love ideally to be reciprocated – ideally,” explained the director.

Unusually, ‘Mommy’ is shown in a 1:1 format, like Instagram, though there is one scene where it briefly opens up to widescreen. But it is the actors who are the stars.

“They are not just actors, they are artists, creators – people whose imagination is abundant, but who are ready to listen to my instructions and people who want to create a film collectively. A film that works, which does what it should and that touches the heart,” said Xavier Dolan.

Dolan is one of the most talented contemporary filmmakers who infuses his work with a great energy that shines through in his award-winning ‘Mommy’.

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