Lady Gaga's former wigmaker Max Marshall releases family affair single

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Lady Gaga's former wigmaker Max Marshall releases family affair single

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Max Marshall studied fashion and once helped make wigs for Lady Gaga, but the Baltimore born 22-year-old has turned her back on the fashion world to concentrate on music.

She began writing songs when she was just 14 and also played violin and viola in various orchestras as a teenager.

Music became a passion that has stuck.

“I think it was just me trying to break out of my shell. I have five older sisters, we lived in a house in the country. It’s just you have a hard time trying to be an individual, and so I think at that time in my life music was what I needed, rather than what I wanted,” she explained.

In October last year she released her debut EP ‘Pressure’. Her new single ‘Your Love is Like’ has just come out complete with video and it is something of a family affair.

“The video is something I’m really proud of. It was shot in my hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. It shows many places that I’ve been, I’ve been inspired growing up. It shows some people that are important in my life, my mother is in it, my uncle Reggie’s in it. It’s a song about everything I’m into right now. Everything that I’m loving, my work, my boyfriend, just my life at the moment is like magic and I think it’s a crossover song that everyone can relate to,” she enthused.

Max Marshall is currently promoting her new single at various London venues.

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