Italy's researchers pin hopes on 'more' Europe after elections

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Italy's researchers pin hopes on 'more' Europe after elections

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Italy is voting on Sunday for who will represent them in Europe. Despite reports of growing euroscepticism, there are still people who believe in the the European project, among them researchers. With the government cutting funding, opportunities for the universities usually come from Brussels.

“There are very few jobs available, little chance of making a career… I hope that Europe will become more cohesive, more united and that every European country could receive the same benefit, in a same way,” remarked Maura Casciola, a researcher at La Sapienza University Rome.

Another researcher received a 1.5 million euros grant which he used to open his own lab, the EU money aims to stem the tide of brain drain in the field of Research and development.

Euronews correspondent Simona Volta reports from Rome:

“The structural funds allocated to Italy from the European budget from 2014 to 2020 will amount to more than 31 billion euros. The EU asked Rome to use this money mainly for research and innovation. Both fields could represent a real opportunity for R &D in Italy.”