Europe votes: France and Germany

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Europe votes: France and Germany

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As most EU countries head to the polls on Sunday, euronews spoke to some of the voters in France and Germany.

In Paris one voter commented: “I think we miss charismatic characters like we used to have, Jacques Delors or Willy Brandt for example.”

Another said: “I’m a father and a grandfather. If it is not for me, it is for my grand-children. This is what’s fundamentally at stake. It is like, Europe, or we die!”

Euronews correspondent in France, Olivier Péguy, noted that the French interior ministry ordered polling stations to remain opened until 7 or 8pm to allow people to vote as late as possible. He asked, “will that really influence the turnout rate? We’ll have to wait for this evening’s results for that answer.”

In Berlin one young woman said: “I don’t think there is enough information especially for young people. It seems like the election is something of a minor matter.”

Another voter said: “I was disappointed, that during the crisis in Europe, mainly the banks were rescued. The people were disregarded.”

Euronews correspondent in Germany, Andrea Büring, said: “If the euro-skeptic party Alternative für Deutschland really gets seven percent of the votes, the conservatives would have no choice. They would have to address criticism of the euro currency and benefit tourism to avoid losing even more votes in the upcoming regional elections.”

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