Day 4: European Elections Super Sunday decision time

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Day 4: European Elections Super Sunday decision time

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Super Sunday marks the fourth and final day of voting across Europe as the remaining 21 countries head to the polls to elect Brussels’ next parliament.

Germany, France and Spain represent the lion’s share of the 388 million eligible to vote on Sunday.

Polls closed on Saturday in Latvia, Malta and Slovakia – turnout for the latter was at just 19% during the last elections. Overall experts predict that the year on year fall in turnout since elections began in 1979 is set to continue.

The European Parliament has announced that preliminary results will be announced from 9pm GMT, however, Italy has decided to keep polls open until this time making this unlikely.

The final results and the allotment of seats will be announced late on Monday, after which the EU institutions will get to work on electing the next Commission President.