Real Madrid fan's Champions League dream comes true

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Real Madrid fan's Champions League dream comes true

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Real Madrid President, Florentino Pérez made one season ticket holder’s day on Friday during a chance meeting outside the club’s hotel in Lisbon.

Maria del Carmen had travelled to the Portuguese capital to support her team in the UEFA Champions League final, despite not being able to get a ticket to the match itself.

On seeing the fan crying outside the team’s hotel, Pérez told his secretary to give her his personal phone number.

A journalist asked if she thought she’d receive tickets to the match.

“Yes I think we will,” she said. “He (Florentino) gave me a hug and told me everything would be OK. He also gave me his phone number. So I hope we’ll be able to find tickets for the match. And if we do, I will enjoy every second of the final”.

Pérez later offered Maria del Carmen and four of her friends free tickets to the coveted final, valued at 70 euro each.

The Atletico Madrid – Real Madrid match is especially significant as the first Champions League final to be played between two teams from the same city.