Lisbon: capital of European football

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Lisbon: capital of European football

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Lisbon became the capital of European football on May 24, but judging by the atmosphere on the streets, it could also be the capital of Spain.

More than 100,000 fans made invading a city seem perfectly easy. Football seemed to be taking precedence over politics in this capital, with no great concerns shown about the next day’s European elections.

Real Madrid are in search of the coveted “decima”, or tenth, Champions League title; a feat that has eluded them for the past twelve years.

Atletico are still chasing their first win. They came close in 1974, dominating Bayern Munich but ending in a 1-1 draw in Brussels. Two years before penalties were introduced to European Cup games, the playoff match saw Bayern win the cup.

In Lisbon, the atmosphere is peaceful; common sense is presiding. Several giant screens have been put up around the city to give those not fortunate enough to have a ticket to the match access to the game.

Given the amount of fans in the city who won’t be going to the Estádio da Luz, this is the only reasonable measure.