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Belgium: police arrest suspect in Jewish Museum fatal shooting


Belgium: police arrest suspect in Jewish Museum fatal shooting

Police have arrested one suspect in connection with a fatal shooting inside the Jewish Museum in central Brussels.

Two men and a woman were killed and one other person seriously injured during the attack in the Belgian capital on Saturday afternoon.

Police cordoned off the area around the museum – a busy tourist district packed with cafes and restaurants.

Joelle Milquet, Belgian Interior Minister, said: “The person in question got out of a car that was double parked, and went into the Jewish Museum where there were a lot of tourists. He opened fire. He left the museum and fled the area.

“The consequences of this incident are very serious because there were three fatalities […] and one victim in critical condition that was taken to the hospital,” continued the minister, adding that the attack may have been anti-semitic.

Around half of Belgium’s 42,000 Jewish residents live in Brussels.

A Brussels fire brigade spokesperson said there were a lot of witnesses and the investigation is moving fast.


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