Thailand under curfew after army stages coup

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Thailand under curfew after army stages coup

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A curfew was in place in Thailand overnight after the army announced it had seized control on Thursday.

The bloodless coup, which saw the constitution suspended and several politicians arrested follows months of political turmoil between pro and anti-government factions.

Washington led calls condemning the military’s surprise takeover.

US Department of State spokeswoman Jen Psaki said:
“First, at this point what we are doing is we are reviewing our military and other assistance to the government of Thailand. We’ve taken preliminary steps to suspend military engagement and assistance while we consider the facts on the ground. This is a standard part of the process that would take place. So right now there is a comprehensive review of that going on.’‘

In a televised statement Thailand’s army chief and now acting prime minister insisted the takeover was necessary ‘‘in order to return normality quickly.’‘

The general made his broadcast after summoning Thailand’s political leaders for crisis talks to defuse anti-government demonstrations.

On the streets of the capital Bangkok on Thursday, troops also dispersed protest groups, but there were no reports of any widespread violence.